This is some material on physics which I have found useful. It is gleaned mainly from Wikipedia and from Coursera courses

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Futurology material
Computing Power versus Cost (1998 dollars)
This slide is due to Hans Moravec 2004. Reference and better copy: Moravec 2004 . Moravec plots computing power (in MIPS per 10,000$) versus decades 1960 to 2000 with extrapolation to 2030. The human brain appears to be capable of around 3 x 107 MIPS, and Moravec expected computers to have comparable processing power by around 2030

Gravity wave material
Earth Tides Confirm Gravity Waves (from China Science Bulletin, 2013)
Tang, Hua, Wen, Chi, You and Yu, 2013, ‘Observational evidences for the speed of the gravity based on the Earth tide’, Chinese Science Bulletin 477 February 2013 Vol.58 No.4-5: 474 (published online November 28, 2012)
Authors’ summary:
We have found that the current practical Newtonian formula for the gravity tide of the Earth implies a hypothesis that gravity travels at the speed of light; furthermore, we have derived and solved the propagation equation of gravity using the observation data of Earth tides from Shiquanhe and Wushi, after correction of phase lag due to the anelasticity of the Earth, and found that the speeds of gravity are from 0.93 to 1.05 times the speed of light with a relative error of about 5%. This provides first set of strong evidences to show that the speed of gravity is the same as the speed of light.

Coursera courses I am currently taking

Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space!
Astropedia Textbook Contents List edited from the course textbook

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1)
Programming for Everybody (Python)

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Infos sur notre maison (en bref)!